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Hello guys

2010-01-19 10:12:31 by NightmareBroly

it was a long time that i was online here i just wanted to say hello guys and i guess i will come no i correct it i try to come online more often !!

I maybe will upload later or sooner i new flash as a welcomeback present for you

Weaker or stronger?

2008-05-02 06:12:26 by NightmareBroly

i asked me this question many times myselfe and i want to know what u think about it.
Who do you think is stronger Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan or a Saiyan like Vegeta, Goku or Gohan on Super Saiyan 2 state, i guess broly would pwnd this saiyan weaklings
many of my friends said that a legendary super saiyan is stronger than other super saiyans and i think he could be stronger than a super saiyan 2
so write here ur minds, thank u very much